Thursday, 29 April 2010


uni always has a wide range of fashion disasters and greats like going to uni in your joggers with your cardigan turned inside out (it was a bad night).
being away from home for the first time always means that many students end up with grey clothes as machine washing can go wrong.
my uni friends are the best they have some odd habits, they all love board shorts im still not sold they seem very polyester to me, and not great but i will try here are some pics of my great uni friends and their amazing fashion.

Monday, 26 April 2010

new summer hand knit wool

summer wools are very important if you are going away to a hot country you need a lightweight wool that will make light knits easy to transport in small bags.
for the summer rowan is always a good bet for easy to knit light wool and the new collaboration with Amy butler which includes a new book from designer martin storey which is rowan casual classics.
Amy butler has produced a wonderful range of new wools that are light as well as belle organic dk and aran weights which are a wonderful mix of 50%wool and 50%cotton both of which are organic.
all are avalible from .

knits for festivals

Many shops are now bringing in summer knits for festivals, knits for festivals need to be practical as well as fun, summer prints and comfy boyfriend knits are good for summer 2010.
lightweight cotton are the way forward, taking a cape to a festival is just not practical you need knits that are quick drying and breathable so you dont smell too much.
Here are some examples that i think are great.
both from topshop that you can get now on the internet.

Saturday, 24 April 2010

My blog started for uni is going to be a looking at many areas of fashion not just gona be looking at knitting, knitting patterns, fashion trends, fashion on the street and student work.
Knitting has allways been a love of mine and in my blog i will be showing you pieces ofmy knit finished and in progress as well as my uni work and trends that i think will be huge in the comming months.
summer knitting is allways hard but now is the best time to start huge dark winter knits as you have the natural light to be able to see what you are doing.
large winter cable knits are best for summer as well as light shrugs made off cotton or mohair.lareg wool scarves will make you hot as i ahve found so socks are a more sensible option if you are going somewhere hot for your holidays.
This picture above is some of the summer knits that i made last year on holiday.