Wednesday, 23 January 2013

The jumper is FINISHED !!!

Dads jumper is finally finished im so pleased it still needs a block and the button sewn on but i have sewn in the threads.
The only problem i had is that with 3/4 of the collar left about 1000 stitches i run out of wool flat out, its also not a sort of wool i thought ide be able to get again having brought 2 massive 400g balls in trowbridge, i did eventually find the wool on eBay and had to buy another 400g 800 m of wool to compleat a tiny part of knitting.
The final item has also come out very big sort of massive colossal as big as the titanic and to make matters worse dad who is meant to be wearing it is on a diet.

Ive just been able to block and add the buttons to the garment, which i was very worried about blocking the garment in case it increased in size any more which often happens when you block an item.
using a hot iron an thanks to the wool content in the piece i was able to slightly control the size of the garment and if you are careful sometimes it is actually possible to decrease the size of an item with the iron.

Monday, 21 January 2013

spiral socks

My first ever attempt at spiral socks downloaded on ravlery the first has gone well the sock ive made for a male friend of mine 

Ive now started the second sock and its moving along ok quite slowly but i have been working on the jumper to get it done.

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

No movement on the jumper.

Dads jumper is still slowly moving on i have until his birthday on the 25th of January to finish it which i think will be ok but i need to buy some more wool as i seem to be running out.
The jumper seems to be getting bigger and bigger i know that sounds odd but i think that the pure volume of weight of the jumper is stretching the jumper and i had to get dad to try it on and it seems to fit.
I have added in the sleeves and am just working on the raglan sleeve and slowing moving up to the shoulder.
The only problem i am having is that as i had to make the sleeves and overall length of the jumper longer i am rapidly running out of yarn and think i will have to buy another ball of yarn the only problem being is that i can only buy the wool in 400g 800m balls and i know i only need about 100m extra to finish.

Monday, 7 January 2013


I promised to make a hat for my friend a least 6 months ago and here it is finally being made and finished in a matter of days the wool used is brown sheep  worsted weight that i managed to get hold of from ebay as the only English supplier has stopped stocking this wonderful lambswool and mohair mix yarn. 
The pattern is of my own making using the two colours to make a pretty spiral pattern that follows round until the two colour pom pom 

Sunday, 6 January 2013

presents are slowly being finished.

My christmas presents are taking a very long time i have finished the socks but i still have one jumper a pair of socks a hat and a xmas wreath and all my Christmas cards to make.

Thursday, 3 January 2013

christmas presents that never ends.

For Christmas i am still knitting 
it is not ending i keep knitting and nothing is happening. 

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

elf costume for the xmas cracker run.

I am part of a local running club we are all running the Weston Christmas cracker and i really did not want to buy my own outfit so im making a elf costume based upon the film elf with will ferell.

The construction has been going well as im not using a pattern it has been slightly tricky at times but the fur
collar has been going well.
The run went really well but the outfit was so hot it had to be removed about ten minutes in.