Wednesday, 28 December 2011

paddington still haunts me.

Paddington has nearly ruined my life he ow sits in the office where i write this blog and looks down on me showing me all the mistakes that i made on him and taunting me with his odd face.
he started with good feeling i did only have three weeks to make him after i brought his pattern off eBay i happily started knitting only to realise that he was going to be huge much bigger than i ever imagined.
problems i has with Paddington were the hat which still looks like a sailors hat in bright yellow, a hole in the jacket my first hole in properly ten years i mean how? , and lastly leg a had tension and was the right size leg b made with the same hands , same wool and same needles two days after i finished the first leg and somehow leg b was 1 inch smaller than leg b i could not believe it i mean really why and now he sits looking at me and i want to burn him or feed him to the puppy

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

post Christmas knits

Paddington was finished on Christmas eve thank god, i cant say that he is my best work but i am sort of happy with the finished result he looks lest pervy than when i started, my only real concern is that i could not find any Wellington boots for him.
i am now just working on uni knitting and a collection of knitting that all needs work on like gloves and socks that have already taken a year to knit.
my new years resolution even though its not new years yet is to finish the 6 projects that i have on  the needles and will only cast on y collection for uni. i will not cast on the shawl with the new yarn that i got for my birthday 6 months ago, it will not go off i will resist and finish  the 6 projectas as quickly as i can .
they are lilac cable mittens, fair lisle socks 2 pairs , noro shawl, blanket, blue socks , Christmas baubles.

but i will start a Christmas wreath with some felting wool i got for Xmas.

Friday, 16 December 2011

xmas paddington bear disaster

for many days now i have been knitting a paddington bear for my mum for Christmas , i have been knitting for 15 years and unbelievably i have never made a toy before.
i font want to say it but yesterday i realised that the toy has defeated me and thats sewing him up he looks so evil i really am thinking of feeding him to the dog.
more will follow i will finish him but maybe ill never look at him again after.

Sunday, 23 October 2011

first even flowers

i have allays shied away from flowers but to adorn a cushion for my gran I have made my first flower i think it looks like a root vegetable but i do think the beads help.

more uni work

for uni as you know im still working on my knitted collection still churning out samples at a rate that is even alarming me.
as time goes on i am becoming more and more focused on what designs i want there have been some disasters like the chunky double knitting way to thick for a summer collection.
Dorset buttons when made with beads are also moving on as well as my reversible and de constructed knitting.
vintage patterns have also been a brilliant new way to get new ideas and inspiration.

Friday, 5 August 2011

diamonds give a very vintage feel but i think that in these new summer wools from rowan they give the pattern a much more modern feel.

double knitting

double knitting is the new technique that ive taught myself it involves knitting two layers of knitting to a fair ilse pattern to create a totally reversible piece of knitting.

reversible knitting is a new book that ive been knitting sample out of and even though i like the book i don't think that its really going to work for this years collection.

centre squares have always been useful for the backs of jumpers or the starts of shawls here is my set of three squares and an idea for a shawl.


entrelac has always been a knitting fave of mine and something that i found quite easy here is some variations that i was thinking may work for a jumper or cardigan.


my take on some classic edgings.


my take on some classic edgings.

new uni samples

for uni this year i have started work much earlier as my collection is going to be so much more knitting based. samples have already started to be made and i have been able to do new techniques.
Cables have always been a favourite of mine and these sample i really like.

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

birthday wool and books.

my birthday was last week and allays i get an array of knitting stuff, this year its More 2ply wool and Shetland fleece for spinning.
also with my new found obsession for lace weight knitting i got two balls of fyberspates lace weight including one ball of royal wedding wool that was limited edition for the royal wedding.

first winter scarf

my pink scarf is my first winter scarf that i am making and it is nearly finished i am happy with it but the wool i am using sadly pills very badly.
my cushions that i made from Jameson and smith 2ply jumper weight Shetland wool using an vintage pattern that combines colour work and short row shaping.
the knitting has been difficult to stop morphing when i try to back the cushions.
i ended up having to mount the cushions.

new summer socks

summer socks im knitting ready to give out as presents what i have been working on is knitting two socks at the same time on circular needles.
This technique you can buy boos on but with some simple tips from knitters forums i have been able to puzzle it out.
i am very happy with the socks but they are confusing as they are taking twice as long but there is two of them.

final collection hits the runway

my second year collection last week finally hit the college end of year runway and I am very happy with it the collection was a mix of classic simple shapes and knitwear.