Tuesday, 5 July 2011

birthday wool and books.

my birthday was last week and allays i get an array of knitting stuff, this year its More 2ply wool and Shetland fleece for spinning.
also with my new found obsession for lace weight knitting i got two balls of fyberspates lace weight including one ball of royal wedding wool that was limited edition for the royal wedding.

first winter scarf

my pink scarf is my first winter scarf that i am making and it is nearly finished i am happy with it but the wool i am using sadly pills very badly.
my cushions that i made from Jameson and smith 2ply jumper weight Shetland wool using an vintage pattern that combines colour work and short row shaping.
the knitting has been difficult to stop morphing when i try to back the cushions.
i ended up having to mount the cushions.

new summer socks

summer socks im knitting ready to give out as presents what i have been working on is knitting two socks at the same time on circular needles.
This technique you can buy boos on but with some simple tips from knitters forums i have been able to puzzle it out.
i am very happy with the socks but they are confusing as they are taking twice as long but there is two of them.

final collection hits the runway

my second year collection last week finally hit the college end of year runway and I am very happy with it the collection was a mix of classic simple shapes and knitwear.