Monday, 4 November 2013

The knitter submission spring summer 2014

After getting my first pattern published in the knitter for the winter i have recently put in my new submissions for the spring summer.
These trends for the spring are very much my colourway and i loved the patterns i designed.

The shawl is debbie bliss cashmere aran which is now discontinued and wooden buttons brought from get knitted in Bristol.
The hand painted buttons i totally love are all different with flowers and bugs painted on.
The sock wool is a variegated lang sock wool which is also totally love and have had for many years but i just wanted to wait for the best pattern to come along.
The only problem with the sock is that the frill was very difficult to attach and i had to knit it separately.
Overall im really happy with the two pattens and will be giving them away for Christmas maybe as i totally love the shawl.

Friday, 25 October 2013

pink socks .2

A while back i made a pair of pink and green multi socks and because i used 2 balls of 100g sock wool after one pair i had enough spare to create another pair of fair isle socks this time i used a pattern from the knitter mad up of many hearts that is fair isle all the way down the foot meaning i think i may be tight at the end on wool.
The pattern like the last sock is difficult to see as both colours are pale and the green multi does have specks of pink within the wool.
At this point im only half way through the first sock they just seems to be taking so long to finish , however if i bothered to knit them they may go faster.

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Viking hat is finished.

Finally the viking hat is finished only the horns left to sew on and im all done im actually pretty pleased with how its gone as i did make the hat from the crown down with no pattern and only needed to rip back once.
The band at the bottom i think really sets the hat apart making it look like a metal Viking hat.
As well as the horns i forgot that i had to make a beard as well which in gona have to start but i am cautious about how big to make it.

With the hat finally finished i did have some problems with the horns and in the end did need to get some help of ravlery to help with the decreases for the top of the horn as mine were coming out very strange shaped .
I did put a small amount of wore in the horn to hep it hold up and keep the shape as with only wadding the horns have a tendency to flop and flap around which i did not want.
As many of you know i do not usually like a novelty knit and myself hate dress up but this was quite interesting but only for the technical issues i faces while knitting the hat , beard and, horns.

Saturday, 12 October 2013

holiday buys

White on holiday in truro i managed to find a lovely wool shop and treated my self to come unusual wools one being debbie bliss andes in three colours and louisa harding hand beaded yarn.

A less unusual yarn i found but in three complimentary colours the three rowan yarns are worsted wool and alpacca wool in grey creme and jade which i want to make a hat out of possibly with cables and a braid. 
Also i brought myself some noro sock wool which i usually stay away from as it is so expensive i just could not say no to this amazing pink wool.

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Spiral Socks

Sometimes i really do think that these spiral socks are never going to finish, they seem to be taking an age but if i dont knit them they will take an age.
The pattern is becoming simpler to follow and the sock is nearly finished .
The sock was finally finished after another weekend holiday which is were i do get most of my work done.

I love the socks and may keep them for myself the wool is now one of my all time greats such a lovely feel and knits up so beautifully. 
The only problem is that on the heel turn you do end up with a sizeable hole on each corner that needs to be sewn up. 

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Birthday jumper

For emmas birthday i decided to make her a jumper from a vintage pattern i brought in a bundle.
The wool im using is lambs pride worsted weight wool in black and red brown that i got from ebay.
This wool from america is one of my all time favourite and it is extremely difficult to source in the uk as you have to pay for shipping from the states.
The pattern is simple and quite easy to follow and the jumper is comming along nicely.

Sunday, 16 June 2013

honeycombe blanket

I have nearly been knitting my honeycomb blanket for a year and yesterday i had only managed to knit 16 hexipuffs i realise that if i don't knit any the quilt will not get any bigger.
so yesterday i decided that i had to knit some and managed to knit 9 before i got really bored.
The difficult thing is that they do seem to take a massive amount of time for such small things like 45 to and hour to make one which is why i think i get so bored of making them.
Also however i have changed how i am making the blanket but attaching each hexipuff together as i go so i don't have sew 300 together at the end.